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    DUI starts a new Eurostar project with SPACEOPTIX

    Dutch United Instruments (DUI) and its partner SPACEOPTIX won a Eurostar project for the development of cost-effective freeform optics for optical space communication. Freeform optics are utilized for space applications since it enables smaller and more compact system design, without sacrificing performance, possibly even enhancing it.

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  • Construction site Demcon Enschede rated with an 8.1 by ‘Bewuste Bouwers’

    Trebbe is realizing the new Demcon headquarters in Enschede at Kennispark Twente. Work is carried out on the construction site in accordance with the ‘Bewuste Bouwers’ code of conduct. It was recently time for the periodic audit from the Bewuste Bouwers Foundation. This was successful because the construction site received an 8.1 as a rating.

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  • European grant enables Mellon Medical to move towards clinical trials

    At the beginning of December, Dutch company Mellon Medical received a significant grant from the Eurostars Program. The grant was awarded to support further research into the continued development of an innovative suturing instrument, the Switch suturing device.

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  • Demcon as new sponsor main distance Enschede Marathon

    Enschede Marathon, which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary on Sunday 24 April, recently welcomed Demcon as a new partner. Technology supplier Demcon from Enschede will commit itself to the main distance of Enschede Marathon as namesake for the next three years.

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  • ISO 45001 certification

    Grant awarded for the development of an automated production line

    Three companies in the Northern Netherlands, Menicon, STT Products and Demcon Industrial Systems Groningen, are joining forces for the purpose of strengthening the innovative capacity of the manufacturing industry in the region.

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  • Vaxtractor boosts vaccination campaign

    The first Vaxtractor was deployed in early December. With incredible precision and a filling rate of 250 syringes per hour, Vaxtractor can significantly ease the workload during the upcoming booster campaign.

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