BREEAM Outstanding certification.


BREEAM certificering Demcon Technology Center

The Demcon Technology Center (DTC) in Enschede has received the BREEAM Outstanding certificate. The building, which was completed in 2019, meets the highest sustainability requirements. In total, the DTC achieved a score of 87.69%. Bianca Screever, director operations, is very pleased with the certificate: “At Demcon, we do not only make a positive impact with our projects as a technology supplier, but also with the way we deal with our environment, our people and nature. This certification confirms that. ”

In order to receive the certificate, the building must meet the BREEAM sustainability requirements both during construction and after commissioning. This includes various aspects, from the use of materials for the building and waste processing to the energy performance of the building. In the Demcon Technology Center, sustainability has been taken into account visibly and invisibly in countless ways. For example, the rubble from the old building was used for the foundation of the new building. In addition, the roof of the Demcon Technology Center is full of solar panels, 915 in total. Nature is also taken into account in the immediate vicinity, through planting and nesting options.

The Demcon Technology Center is the second building in Twente to receive this certification. Demcon also strives for a BREEAM certification for the rest of its buildings in the Netherlands. “They are all existing buildings, which is why we are working on the In-Use certification,” says Screever. “At the moment we are working hard on delivering the documentation.”

BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. The Outstanding certificate is the highest of the five classes in the “New Construction and Renovation” category. The BREEAM-NL quality mark is managed by the Dutch Green Building Council. For more information about this certification, visit the BREEAM website.