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    smart machine base.

    Companies in the manufacturing industry require reliable innovative production systems and a short delivery time.

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    EventLab drinking water monitoring.

    Water safety is one of the greatest global challenges and requires current insight into water quality.

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    Rheumatism is characterized by the flare up of inflammation in the joints. We have developed a device for monitoring inflammatory activity.

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  • Thumbnail-Case-Smart-Factory-Demcon

    smart factory.

    Production with a great deal of (flexible) manual labor is increasingly under pressure in the Netherlands.

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    short-stroke wafer stage.

    Aside from its contents, the housing of advanced semiconductor production machines is also important.

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    3D glass printer.

    Many materials are used for 3D printing. However, glass presents a special challenge: after melting at unusually high temperatures it is viscous and after congealing too quickly it becomes brittle.

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