Demcon investment annual report.


Demcon investment

annual report 2021.

2021 is the year in which Demcon investment continued to flourish. The investment company, launched in 2019 and at the time a new part of technology supplier Demcon, is proving its added value for start-ups and scale-ups, for investors, for society and for the Demcon group for the third year in a row. Demcon investment creates value for all parties involved: creating shared value. Read more about this in our annual report (only available in Dutch).

Jemy Pauwels

Jemy Pauwels

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a successful start.

Demcon investment has been actively involved in the investments domain over the past two years. In these two years I have devoted a lot of energy in structuring the investment business, making investments and pursuing an active management approach towards our company portfolio. Today, Demcon investment occupies a key position on the strategic agenda of the Demcon group and actively contributes to further growth.