Demcon investment annual report.


Demcon investment

annual report.

2020. The year that will go down in the books worldwide as ‘the corona year’. For us, it was also the year that proved once again what Demcon Investment exists for: to create value together. With innovative solutions that matter. Solutions that help people and society further. One of Demcon’s highlights in 2020 was the development of the DemcAir respiratory system. During the first lockdown, Demcon delivered 500 ‘DemcAirs’ to IC departments of hospitals within a few weeks. There was plenty of attention for this innovation. Also by Queen Máxima, who visited the production location in Enschede in April. Partly due to the attention that Demcon obtained around this project, 60 start-ups presented themselves in 2020, from which 5 investments resulted. In addition, we made preparations for the successful exit of Qmicro. Companies whose innovations we have seen rapidly mature partly due to our support are CryoSol-World, Bond3D, Alia Instruments, Scinus and LiGalli.
Read more about it in our annual report (only available in Dutch).

Jemy Pauwels

Jemy Pauwels

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a successful start.

Demcon investment has been actively involved in the investments domain over the past two years. In these two years I have devoted a lot of energy in structuring the investment business, making investments and pursuing an active management approach towards our company portfolio. Today, Demcon investment occupies a key position on the strategic agenda of the Demcon group and actively contributes to further growth.