Demcon invests in TRENS Solar Trains.


On Friday June 5, 2020, TRENS Solar Trains presented its innovative electrically driven road trains. Demcon, together with three other parties, is investing in this company. TRENS will move its head office and final assembly to the Eastern Netherlands to be able to realize further growth and is renting space from Demcon for this purpose. This also enables the company to benefit from support for the development and upscaling of production.

The road trains were developed to respond to various needs, such as supplying stores and the hospitality sector in downtown areas and for regional passenger transport, for example in city centers and on campuses, events sites and amusement parks. They do not cause any harmful emissions and odor and noise pollution, do not take up too much room and can flexibly transport large volumes. In part due to the integrated solar panels, they have a high operating range as a result of which the trains do not need to be charged during the day.