01-03-2021 life sciences & health

Finapres NANO CORE module for blood pressure monitoring.


The Finapres technology for non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring has set the standard. We have developed a ‘stripped-down’ wearable module for this purpose than can be connected to a blood pressure monitor. As such we have made this NANO CORE suitable for use in multiple (clinical) markets and areas of application.

compact module.

The Finapres technology operates on the basis of an inflatable finger cuff that contains an inflatable bladder and a sensor system that optically records blood pressure variations. Our challenge for this sensor system was to integrate the control, electronics and the tiny pump for the supply pressure into a compact module – with due consideration to cost and manufacturability. We developed a new software architecture to make the NANO CORE suitable for divergent applications.

we developed a new architecture. ”

control technology masterpiece.

Miniaturization was our biggest mechatronics challenge: to accommodate the full functionality in a small form factor, with limited mass and heat emission, in part to ensure wearing comfort. By optimizing and digitalizing the complex pressure generation control loop, we gained space and flexibility with our design. By fine-tuning the system we achieved a stable control system, making it possible for the NANO CORE to serve a broad patient population. We built a prototype, looked after the product’s certification and set up serial production.


“broader access to the standard.”

In a smaller format, we succeeded in achieving the same performance as the other larger Finapres products have, within the target cost price established at the outset. The Finapres technology for non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring is considered the golden standard. With the development of the NANO CORE we adhered to this standard and made it accessible to a broad market, including the wearable blood pressure monitoring market.