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The scientific community is developing advanced methods for analyzing the composition and structure of substances and materials. The practical challenge is to translate these methods into life science, medical and industrial applications. We develop innovative analysis solutions, design precision instruments and support data analysis with artificial intelligence.


measuring composition and determining structure.

Analytical techniques are repeatedly finding new applications in medical diagnostics, forensic- and life-science and industrial quality monitoring. We master the physics and chemistry involved in the analysis and have extensive experience with analysis/optical analysis techniques – ranging from microscopy, spectroscopy and cytometry to mass spectrometry and hyper spectral imaging. We use our optomechatronics expertise to develop precision instruments. We also contribute to innovating the analytical process flow. Things that come to mind here include sample preparation, new analysis features or intelligent data analysis.




"we industrialize and miniaturize analytical techniques."

We help manufacturers of analytical equipment in developing new concepts and deploying new (optical) techniques. We have a great deal of experience with the industrialization of new designs. In addition, we can make the analysis more efficient, for example by miniaturizing the process into a lab-on-a-chip.

high-tech systems & materials

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