Key transfer marks completion of new Demcon head office


The next step in achieving Demcon’s growth ambition

On 20 December, Trebbe officially delivered the new head office to Demcon. In less than a year, a fantastic, sustainable building has been completed on Kennispark Twente in Enschede. To officially mark this moment, Hein Trebbe sr. handed over the keys to the new head office to Dennis Schipper, Demcon CEO. The transfer was watched by members of the construction team involved.

Dennis Schipper: ‘It’s wonderful to see how our plans have become reality. Compliments to the construction team for the way they executed the construction process so smoothly and according to schedule. We have made a conscious decision to keep our head office in Enschede and to stay in the Twente region. We want to enable technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish, and show that it’s all happening here.’
Demcon has now started furnishing the building and plans to move in during the first quarter. The head office will accommodate a central Demcon reception desk, several meeting facilities, staff from the support departments and the executive team.

A sustainable new office
The new Demcon head office is at Institutenweg 40 in Enschede, between the Demcon Innovation Center and the Demcon Technology Center. The five-floor building was designed by Beltman Architecten and meets the highest sustainability standards (BREEAM Outstanding). This includes aspects such as the use of materials, waste processing and the building’s energy performance. Sustainability was taken into consideration in numerous ways, both visible and hidden from view. For example, the roof is fully covered with solar panels and green landscaping and nesting facilities have been provided in the immediate surroundings.


Smooth construction process with attention for the surroundings
Construction of the new head office officially began at the start of 2022. Less than six months later, the highest point was reached, partly thanks to the use of a prefab concrete skeleton frame. Work on the construction site was carried out in accordance with the Bewuste Bouwers’ code of conduct. This code of conduct consists of five pillars: work environment, safety, professionals, environment and care. During the construction, Bewuste Bouwers monitored compliance with these pillars. The auditor gave the construction site an 8.1 rating.

Hein Trebbe Sr., managing director at Trebbe: ‘Milestones and deliveries are always the moments that we are allowed to look back on once. The construction of this new, sustainable head office went extremely smoothly. That can only happen if the partnership is good, and I’m proud of that.’

For more information, please contact Marleen Markvoort, +31 (0)88  – 115 2000.