21-02-2023 smart industry, high-tech systems & materials

Pulsed Laser Deposition.


High-tech material innovation often occurs in the form of thin layers that improve the performance of, for example, semiconductor chips, sensors, displays or solar cells. Pulsed Laser Deposition makes it possible to apply specific materials layer by layer to a substrate. We develop and manufacture advanced, client-specific systems for this purpose.

controlled process.

Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) works with a powerful laser beam pulse. This beam evaporates material in a controlled manner so that it can be deposited as a layer (thin film) on a substrate. This process can take place in an ultra-high vacuum to prevent contamination. Or a gas, such as oxygen, may be present to be able to deposit oxides of the desired material. We make use of our expertise in mechatronics, PLD and vacuum technology to develop and manufacture high-quality PLD equipment.

we supply university research centers throughout the world. ”

high-quality, uniform layers.

We supply PLD equipment together with accessories, to university research centers throughout the world. In addition, we participate in scientific research, perform substrate treatments under contract, and look after knowledge transfer about thin film growth. In addition, we continue to innovate. One of our latest developments concerns an in-situ atomic force microscope. This microscope enables us to study the properties of complex materials at the atomic level during various deposition processes.

"we develop innovative solutions for divergent material manufacturing technologies."

We can expand our market by using our technologies in new applications. We have acquired a significant share of the niche market for PLD devices. We are now going to develop innovative solutions for the much larger material manufacturing technologies market.