Demcon as new sponsor main distance Enschede Marathon


Enschede Marathon, which will be celebrating its 75th anniversary on Sunday 24 April, recently welcomed Demcon as a new partner. Technology supplier Demcon from Enschede will commit itself to the main distance of Enschede Marathon as namesake for the next three years.

Sandra Melief, director of Enschede Marathon, is very happy with this new partner. “Demcon is a company that delivers high quality to its customers and continues to innovate. That is exactly what we at the Enschede Marathon also strive for. It is nice to receive confirmation from a company like this that we deliver the same quality as an event. In addition, as Enschede Marathon we focus on development and innovation. To this end, we work closely with students and researchers from the University of Twente. A partner like Demcon, which is also located at Kennispark, fits in perfectly with this. The agreement is valid for three years, so that also gives us certainty and confidence as an organisation.”

Technology company Demcon was founded in 1993 by Dennis Schipper and Peter Rutgers, who developed the company into a successful, internationally operating and fast-growing high-tech company. “Entrepreneurship, development and collaboration are Demcon’s core values,” says Dennis Schipper. “What we do at Demcon is a form of technical athletisism, and you can only do that with vital employees. Right now, moving and continuing to move is more important than ever. That is why we are happy to commit ourselves to Enschede Marathon for three years as the namesake of the marathon distance.”