05-03-2021 water & maritime

DUS V2500 unmanned autonomous hydrographic vessel.


The dredging industry is looking for more sustainable solutions designed to digitize existing processes. Together with Van Oord we developed and built an unmanned, electrically propelled inspection platform. It is smaller and quieter than the current manned vessels and has a smarter steering system and better maneuverability than other unmanned alternatives. Furthermore, it is low maintenance.

robust and compact.

Van Oord Survey carries out hydrographic inspections to accurately survey the bed profile for dredging and other maritime works. Generally this work uses manned vessels (sounding boats). Due to space or environmental constraints, these boats cannot be deployed everywhere, for example in cofferdams, drinking water basins and nature reserves. We have developed and built a solution for this purpose: an electrically propelled robust and compact inspection platform; quiet and emission-free, and therefore nature- and environment-friendly.

we make inspection easier and more reliable. ”

autonomous and modular.

In part due to our navigation technology and our patented dynamic positioning (DP) system, the platform’s steering is autonomous and very precise. The platform can be fully adjusted to match the user’s integration or systems requirements. The system is modular, making it easy for us to build a larger or smaller version or implement a different application. We only need to scale the hull’s geometry and the components, and integrate the application-specific sensors and software.


“our platform can be deployed on a broader front.”

We have reduced the inspection platform from an 8-meter long manned diesel vessel to a vessel that is only 2.5 meters in length. We have done this without any loss of onboard functionality, while maintaining data acquisition quality. Furthermore, our DUS V2500 platform can be deployed on a broader front because it is small and light, has less draught and is equipped with autonomous navigation technologies.