02-03-2021 water & maritime

EventLab drinking water monitoring.


Water safety is one of the greatest global challenges and requires current insight into water quality. We have developed a comprehensive solution for intelligent drinking water monitoring. This solution includes optical sensors, data transmission and analysis software that drinking water companies can use to remotely monitor water quality.

real-time information.

The innovation underlying EventLab is based on the phenomenon that the refraction of light in water changes as the water’s composition changes. This optical measuring technique has been added to a chip that can measure changes in the refractive index. This works much faster and cheaper than the usual analysis of water samples in a central laboratory. We have developed a comprehensive system for this purpose. Sensors can be placed anywhere in a drinking water network and a special algorithm analyzes the data on a central server.

our technology detects changes in water quality in a timely manner. ”

rapid action.

In case of an event – contamination or another change in the water’s composition – the software issues an alarm. This enables the drinking water company to immediately initiate action, for example an inspection of a water pipeline or a further analysis of the drinking water. We are developing next generation products for this purpose, including a small set of sensors for event classification and an automatic sampler. In addition, by further reducing the cost of our products through more efficient production we make our products attractive to water companies throughout the world.


“we contribute to a safe drinking water supply.”

As a service provider we enter into long-term relationships with our clients. We supply and install our sensor systems and determine the optimal placement of the sensors. In addition, we organize the maintenance and look after taking samples in case of an event. This way we help water companies in accomplishing their mission; supplying sufficient, safe water.