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free-space optics.

The quality of optical instrumentation is the Achilles’ heel of many aerospace applications – ranging from satellite communications and astronomical research to monitoring climate change on earth. Challenges include the extreme conditions, volume and mass limitations and the atmospheric disturbance of light rays. We develop advanced optomechatronics systems that provide the required quality and accuracy for these applications.


aiming for high quality.

To be able to provide reliable, broadband communications among satellites and between satellites and ground stations, laser systems must have an extremely high pointing accuracy. The movement of the earth and satellites and the atmosphere’s disruptive influence make this a complex challenge. We develop optomechatronics solutions for laser satellite communications and other applications. Examples include an industrial version of a steering mirror and systems with deformable mirrors. We have accumulated a great deal of valuable knowledge relating to pointing systems, adaptive optics and laser beams.


Fine steering mirror


“our development and production work is groundbreaking.”

We work closely together with the FSO consortium in developing free-space optics. This way we offer a unique combination of optics, mechatronics and vision knowledge together with our production expertise. We deliver advanced optics products that facilitate earth observation, groundbreaking astronomy and laser satellite communications on a large, affordable scale.


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