Market segments

mission support systems.

Modern technology can help defense organizations increase the effectiveness and safety of missions. This includes smart systems, artificial intelligence and realistic simulations. We incorporate these systems into the solutions we develop for use in the field and for training purposes.


better field support.

Military personnel on mission receive an abundance of information through various channels. Acute threats can manifest from any direction. Personnel must quickly make well-founded decisions under chaotic conditions and high pressure. Modern technology and artificial intelligence can help, for example through the early detection and identification of suspect objects. We develop advanced mission support systems and build realistic training environments for these systems.


Robots and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Project

“we contribute to intelligent missions.”

Our aim is to support military personnel in their decision-making process. We do this in various ways, for example with systems that create situational awareness and provide assistance in interpreting that information. To develop these systems we make use of our experience building complex systems and simulating high information density environments.

safety & security

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