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thermal management.

Thermal effects determine the quality and accuracy of numerous high-tech systems and processes. We manage these thermal conditions with efficient cooling or heating and effective control systems. We do this on the basis of our specific physical knowledge, our extensive experience with model design, test set-ups and our own products, such as cryogenic microcoolers.


controlling cold and heat.

There is a great need for cooling (ranging from electronics to foods) or cryo-freezing (e.g. bio samples). Applications in markets such as telecommunications, instrumentation, materials research, medical diagnostics or the food industry all come to mind. To control the thermal conditions of environments and processes, such as 3D printing, may instead require heat. Everything depends on controlling the thermal effects. We understand the underlying physics of thermal processes, are able to model thermal phenomena in detail (FEM/LEM, CFD) and translate the results into effective control. Our experience ranges from cryogenics to extremely high temperatures. Our in-house products complete our portfolio of solutions for complex thermal problems.


cryogenic micro cooler


3D glass printer

"for us thermal challenges are exciting."

The Dutch mechatronics sector has grown large by controlling the dynamics in high-tech systems. Thermal management is the next major challenge in the control of these systems and naturally also of thermal processes. We have the in-house knowledge and models required to, for example, keep samples extremely cold and vibrationless or to control red-hot processes.

high-tech systems & materials

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