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thermal systems & control.

Extreme cold prevails in space and major temperature differences can occur in the surroundings of airplanes and satellites. Controlling thermal system behavior in aerospace is crucial. Suppressing the thermal noise in sensitive measuring instruments in space also is a challenge. We develop thermal management solutions, develop systems and components for extreme environments and supply innovative cooling technology.


knowledge of processes, materials, structures and models.

We have knowledge of various processes and materials behavior that enables us to deal with any thermal challenge. We have also mastered the construction principles needed to control extreme temperature differences. We have a great deal of experience applying both passive and active cooling and in developing and building (cryogenic) (micro) cooling systems. We are able to model and predict the operation of the complete thermal system in detail (CFD, FEM, LEM). Our solutions for controlling thermal behavior can be found in various applications, such as satellites and transport containers used in aviation.


cryogenic micro cooler

“we solve thermal problems.”

Many aerospace applications face challenging thermal problems. We are able to track down and solve these problems with our extensive knowledge of thermal systems and phenomena. One of our innovations is a cryocooling system without any moving parts, so that there are no vibrations that interfere with the sensitive measurements of telescopes and other sensors.


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