25-06-2024 life sciences & health

Mellon Medical new part of the Demcon group


Since April 2024, Mellon Medical has been a part of the Demcon Group. Mellon Medical is developing an innovative suture tool, the Switch, which enables surgeons to set small-bite sutures more efficiently and quickly than traditional methods.

In open abdominal surgery, the abdominal wound is currently manually sutured with needle and thread. However, 10-20% of patients experience postoperative complications, such as an abdominal wall hernia, which often requires reoperation. Research shows that placing sutures closer together (the ‘small bites’ technique) significantly reduces the risk of these complications.

Mellon’s Switch suture tool is designed to perform this small bites technique better and faster. The Switch also includes a special suture set that fits into the forceps and can be passed through the tissue. Mellon is collaborating with Erasmus Medical Center for the clinical validation of the tool and suture set, and with Assut for the development and production of the suture set. In addition, Demcon LS&H is contributing to the project, and metal parts are being made by MIM. A Eurostars grant has been granted for the development of the Switch and suture set.

Within the Demcon group, Mellon will continue to work on the development of the Switch and associated suture set over the next two years.

Mellon Switch