25-11-2022 life sciences & health

Demcon and Haermonics partnership leads to life-saving innovation


Haermonics and Demcon have been working together since 2016 on a system that should be capable of saving 10,000 lives per year from 2030 on. This is an innovative rinsing technique, preventing patients from dying of complications due to blood clots after a successful open-heart operation. The concept, devised by the leading heart surgeon Dr. David Koolbergen, is currently being tested in various Dutch hospitals. In August this year, the final phase of the development started, leading to the launch of the Haermonics Pure™ as a full-fledged CE-certified system.

Read the full press release on demcon.com/mechatronics

Eric Tielemans, managing director Demcon location Eindhoven (left), Wouter Markus, CEO Haermonics (right)