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Demcon takes next step in data-driven solutions


Data-related development, product integration of machine learning and synthetic data for machine vision

With the launch of Demcon data driven solutions on Jan. 1, 2023, technology developer and producer Demcon is taking the next step in its ambition to develop as a technology partner in the field of data science challenges. Since digital transformation is becoming more and more complex, there is a greater demand for data as a product or service. Examples include the development of an autonomous inspection camera for pipelines and algorithms capable of detecting when a patient in ICU starts breathing on their own. What began as an exploratory mission has now grown into a company with full-fledged data solutions.

The modus operandi of Demcon data-driven solutions is twofold. On the one hand, it will work with clients and other Demcon companies on a project basis – in line with the way of working of other Demcon design houses. The data solution will be delivered as a separate product or integrated into the customer’s product.

On the other hand, it focuses on the development of its own products and services, such as synthetic data for machine vision. David Rijlaarsdam, managing director of Demcon data driven solutions: “It is precisely our position as part of the Demcon group that reinforces the value for our customers. Because of the multidisciplinary and systems integration knowledge, and the broad market knowledge and domain expertise Demcon has built up over the past 30 years.”


Structured generation and validation of data
Inspection by cameras and other sensors using algorithms has become the new standard. Interpreting those images is done through algorithms, which are trained to recognize and signal specific issues by feeding them images, preferably existing and annotated ones. However, when there is no or too little data available, additional images can be created: synthetic data. This can be applied in food processes to recognize (over) mature or damaged foods, as well as in damage detection or recognition of specific safety issues. Also, it can be used to train robots on a wide variety of topics, like packaging.

Vincent Bos, Business manager synthetic data at Demcon data driven solutions: “Structured data generation and validation through simulation offers a data-centric path for machine learning. Which is now often blocked by a lack of the right data. “Synthetic data must be sufficiently truthful and contain the desired variation. And of course, it must fit the application and technical implementation our customer is looking for. That is exactly where the joint strength lies. The combination of our expertise within Demcon data driven solutions, the procedural modeling techniques at Nymus3D, the machine vision techniques at Demcon focal and algorithm and software development at Demcon advanced mechatronics.”

Data-driven product development in collaboration with customers
In addition to synthetic data as a product, Demcon data driven solutions works with startups and large OEMs to flesh out their product development. These include developments in autonomous image interpretation, pattern recognition in sensor data, monitoring and improving system performance and control engineering of complex systems by means of artificial intelligence.

About Demcon
Demcon (1,000 employees) develops, produces, and supplies technology and innovative products. The Demcon group has locations in Best, Delft, Enschede, Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht, Münster (D), Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore. The company originated from the passion of the founders for combining creativity and technical skills aimed at solving complex issues. These issues are of a technological and social nature and often have a direct or indirect influence on people and their environment. Whether it concerns medical solutions, systems that monitor our safety or sustainable innovations for themes such as water and energy, Demcon contributes – for current and future generations. In addition to developing technical solutions, Demcon focuses on stimulating entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education.

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