05-03-2021 defense & security

Robots and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Project.


Robots and autonomous systems can help carry out military missions more safely and efficiently. For the Army we are investigating how intelligent robots can contribute to this in support of tasks such as logistics and reconnaissance. We are using a simulation and a virtual reality presentation for this purpose.


The Army, within the RAS Project, is investigating how robots and autonomous systems can support military personnel. While a great deal of technology is currently available on the market, it often lacks the intelligence required to enable the systems to genuinely operate autonomously. We are building a simulation to investigate what happens when intelligent robots receive information (sensor or otherwise) and are given an objective. What choices will they be making, what are the constraints they run into, how do they communicate with peer robots and – for later – how can they work together with humans?

lots of experience with robotics and AI. ”

knowledge of the real world.

We apply our broad expertise in mechatronics, robotics, vision and physics. This is how we know how a robot moves in the real world. We also have a great deal of experience with artificial intelligence (AI). We integrate our knowledge into a simulation. This enables us to test the basic functionalities, develop a feeling for the required computational power and make fundamental design choices. How do we organize communication and intelligence among robots? How does a unit consisting of robots, for example, operate? Which design parameters are decisive in actual practice?


“we are filling in a missing piece of the puzzle.”

The Army is very hands on and simply starts working with innovative and readily available technology. One of the missing puzzle pieces is robot intelligence. This is an area we have been asked to work in because we have a great deal of experience with robotics and artificial intelligence. With a comprehensive virtual reality animation we are going to create an experience that shows how an intelligent robot operates.