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high-quality technology for our future.

We are working on solutions to social challenges in the areas of aerospace, agri & food, defense & security, energy, high-tech systems & materials, life sciences & health, smart industry and water & maritime. We do this by developing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality technology and innovative products.

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developing solutions and making an impact.

The company was created as a result of the passion of its founders for solving challenging technological and social problems. We develop high-quality, innovative, complex systems and products, and can also take care of production ourselves. This way we create value for our customers. In a society faced by major challenges, we carry out projects that have a positive impact on people and the world they live in. We work on smart applications in various sectors, such as healthcare, safety, water, energy, production and communication. In addition to technological innovation we also devote our efforts to promoting entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education.


Creating Shared Value






technological and entrepreneurial growth.

History-1993-Demcon 1993

Based on their passion for technology, Dennis Schipper and Peter Rutgers start up the mechatronics design firm Demcon. After completing their doctoral research and studies, they start up in a small room at the University of Twente (UT) in Enschede, the Netherlands.

History-1995-Demcon 1995

Demcon works on various areas such as logistics automation and medical products, and develops its own real-life robot that keeps patients company. This way the company starts to grow and this growth is followed by moves to Hengelo and later, in 2004, to Oldenzaal.

History-1998-Demcon 1998

ASML becomes a customer for the design and production of qualification tools for components of their complex lithography machines. A spectacular European project results in a laser cleaning station for paintings.

History-2002-Demcon 2002

Dennis – the entrepreneur – and Peter – the technical guru – receive the Van den Kroonenberg Award for young entrepreneurship from UT. A recognition of their entrepreneurial spirit and stimulating contribution to mechatronics in the region.

History-2003-Demcon 2003

From the very outset, Demcon builds prototypes and one-off versions of systems and machines. Thanks to the acquisition of micro-assembly and metal powder injection moulding firms, the company is also able to focus on serial production.

History-2010-Demcon 2010

Finapres Medical Systems is acquired. This highlights the company’s medical technology ambitions and the ability to market its own products. As the years progress, Demcon covers increasingly
more markets and competencies.

History-2011-Demcon 2011

The opening of a second branch in Eindhoven (and later in Son and now Best) is a key milestone. Demcon here is located close to major customers and there is room for Macawi, which develops innovative respiration technology.

History-2013-Demcon 2013

From Oldenzaal, Demcon returns home to Enschede. Close to the University of Twente (UT), where it all started, there is room for further growth and support for high-tech start-ups and scale-ups.

History-2018-Demcon 2018

With the acquisition of Systec GmbH in Münster (DE), Demcon takes a first step towards establishing a branch across the border. In the meantime, operating bases have been established in Singapore and Japan that provide access to the promising Asian market.

History-2020-Demcon 2020

Demcon demonstrates its innovation strength and entrepreneurship. The company at breakneck speed manages to develop a comprehensive ventilation system for intensive care corona patients. Demcon industrial systems builds a modular mask production machine.

mission, vision and strategy

imagine tomorrow. challenge today.

Based on our core values entrepreneurship, development and cooperation, we create positive social impact by developing and producing high-quality technological solutions. With imagination, the use of all of our technical competencies and with a focus on shared value creation, we tackle the challenge: ‘imagine tomorrow. challenge today.’

The world is facing major challenges in many areas, including health, climate, energy, sustainability, food, water, communication and safety. Answers must originate from a combination of social renewal and technological innovation. In the field of technology, we can have a positive impact on humans and society based on our broad expertise and experience.

We position Demcon as developer and producer of high-end systems and products. To increase our impact in different social domains, we aim to continue to grow and to intensify and broaden our cooperation with organizations, knowledge institutes and government entities – we refer to this as ‘creating shared value’. We continue to develop our knowledge and expertise for this purpose. At the same time, we design our organization in such a way that we retain our decisiveness and that we provide our employees with maximum room to develop themselves in their desired direction. We hereby stimulate their entrepreneurship within the group.


we always aim for better.

At Demcon quality is all about products and processes. We develop systems and solutions that comply with the highest demands of our customers and end-users. We do this by using a structured project approach that provides room for our analytical capacities, creativity and pragmatism. With the help of our sophisticated quality system (in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 45001) we supply high-quality and safe products.


tackling the challenge together.

At Demcon we consider knowledge sharing important and we believe that you can achieve more by combining forces. We are involved in various partnerships that through various areas of expertise result in innovation in the Netherlands, regionally and nationally, as well as in Europe. Thanks to grant programs we are able to devote more effort and work with greater focus on the technology of the future.


we offer support and confidence.

We invest in technology that has the potential of providing solutions to social problems. Naturally we do this within Demcon itself, but we also invest in starting and developing companies with promising innovations. We provide support through means of our expertise and facilities, accommodation, and when necessary capital. Our investment helps these companies to advance and gives other partners confidence in these young companies as well.





Mellon Medical


working on solutions for tomorrow.

We combine our creativity and technical skills for the purpose of developing solutions to social challenges. Together with our partners we apply technology for healthcare, safety, sustainability and communication.

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