27-02-2021 aerospace, high-tech systems & materials

cryogenic micro cooler.


Cooling samples and devices to extremely low temperatures makes new forms of analysis possible and can improve the performance of instruments. We have developed a cryogenic micro cooler for medical, microscopy, aerospace and semiconductor applications. This cooler is extremely compact, can be precisely controlled and is virtually vibration-free.

microfluidic chip.

Cooling down to liquid nitrogen temperatures can be crucial in fields ranging from amplifier electronics to microscopic samples to magnetic field sensors for breast cancer research. We have developed a cryogenic cooler for this purpose. This device operates like an ‘ordinary refrigerator’ but then without the (vibrating) compressor. We have it manufactured as a micro-fluidic chip using lithography techniques. A chip like this fits into a small tube the size of a little finger and can accommodate a gradient ranging from room temperature down to 75 K on the cold side.

our micro cooler is stable down to the milli-Kelvin and nanometer. ”

easily mounted.

Our cooling system has various advantages over alternative cooling solutions. For example, the cold tip is extremely small and does not require liquid nitrogen handling. Furthermore, there are virtually no vibrations which could disrupt a sensitive instrument or analysis procedure. A complete system, i.e. a cooler with, for example, a sample holder connected to it, can easily be mounted on a table for accurate positioning in six degrees of freedom. The temperature stability is better than ±10 mK and at rest positioning accuracy is 1 nm at a thermal drift of less than 3 nm/min.


“we supply a complete, integrated plug & play system.”

In recent years, we transformed our micro cooler into various industrial products. We supply a complete system, including the operating system and the interface with the customer’s equipment. The customer can integrate our micro cooler as a plug & play OEM product into its application or as a stand-alone product. If desired, we offer support with thermal system analysis and modelling to obtain optimal cooling results.