offering entrepreneurs a future.

Entrepreneurship, with support from the university, is how our company got its start. We continued to build on this by seeking out cooperation with diverse parties over the years. This enabled us to continue to grow. Now it is our turn, as a mature partner, to offer support to starting and developing companies with valuable innovations. Because we believe in entrepreneurship as the driving force behind social innovation.


that’s how we make a difference.

Our proposition for innovative starters and developing companies in which we see a future, is practical by nature. We can provide assistance in areas where they have a need and where we can make a difference, based on our expertise, scale and facilities. We can provide custom engineering, accommodations, management, production and/or capital – anything that contributes to successfully bringing innovations to market.


Radiation-free Sensor

Alia Instruments, with our help, is developing a non-nuclear sensor for reliably measuring the density of dredged materials and other slurries. An interesting option for sectors such as the dredging and mining industry wanting to optimize production and work safely.

High-performance 3D Plastics Printer

Bond3D has developed a unique printing process and a machine to 3D print high-performance plastics such as PEEK. We supported the development of the technology and the printer’s assembly. Bond3D is out to conquer the world with high-performance plastic products produced in its own printing plant.

Echogenic Coating for Medical Instruments

Encapson has developed Sono-Coat™; an innovative coating that makes needles and catheters visible during ultrasound-guided medical interventions. Echography holds promise for the future; it operates on the basis of harmless sound waves, provides clear real-time images, is cost-effective and prevents radiation exposure for patients.

Sustainable Drinking Water

Susteq has developed a comprehensive solution for a clean and safe drinking water supply, specifically for Sub-Saharan Africa. We look after its production. The solution includes draw-off points and includes a service dashboard and a micro payments system.
we believe in the strength of cross-pollinating knowledge and capital. ”