Tech Day – Demcon Eindhoven


Do you want to know what it’s like to work on technologically complex challenges such as a respiratory system for intensive care, a tracker for top-level sports teams or an electrolyser that produces hydrogen?

Join our Tech Day on Thursday, June 13 and discover the challenging projects we work on, how we solve technologically complex problems, and get to know our culture. We end the day with drinks and bites. An excellent opportunity to ask (technical) questions and network with our engineers.

We offer 2 demo tours and an exciting Tech Talk about one of the projects we’re working on. It will be a varied and fun program! Find more info about the Tech Talk and demo tours below.

Tech Talk

Offering trackers to sports teams requires going through the process of design, engineering, manufacturing and validation. In this Tech Talk, Tjerk Bijlsma (CTO Demcon Johan Sports) and Sheona Sequeira (software engineer) will present an overview of the process to create the Johan Sports PACER system and discuss a few of the encountered challenges.

Demo tours

  • Tour 1: Nanomefos & LightHouse Technology
    > The positioning of light beams needs to be very accurate and is typically done using mirrors that are extremely smooth and have a specific shape. The Nanomefos can map and polish mirror surfaces of mirrors up to 600 mm diameter. This enables to build mirrors for super telescopes and satellites for researching space.
    > For proof of concept purposes, a compliant mechanism was designed to investigate the behaviour and verify the structural integrity of a critical component under the right boundary conditions [T>600°C | Tgradient ~200 °C/mm].
  • Tour 2: Electrolyser WAviatER project & Macawi respiratory systems
    > The electrolyser produces hydrogen, which uses electricity from the solar park to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. What makes this electrolyser special is its unique design where the electrolyser stack is located in a water-filled, pressure-resistant jacket.
    > Demcon Macawi respiratory systems developed one system for the intensive care suitable for every patient, from premature to adult. The system responds to the patient and adjusts the artificial respiration to the patient´s breathing. This causes the least discomfort for the patient. It uses a ventilator that extracts air through an outside filter. 

Date: June 13, 2024
Time: 15:30 hours
Location: Demcon Eindhoven (Kanaaldijk 29, 5683 CR, Best)

15:00 – doors open: coffee/tea
15:30 – start program:
Welcome by Lisa op ‘t Hof (Managing Director Demcon Life Sciences & Health)
15:45 – start rounds: tech talk / demo tour 1 / demo tour 2
> 15:45 – round 1
> 16:15 – break
> 16:30 – round 2
> 17:00 – round 3
17:30 – drinks & bites

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