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Water safety is of increasing international importance. The strain on water systems is rising due to the increasing urbanization, climate change, dried out or polluted water sources, and ageing infrastructure. We develop innovative sensor technology for monitoring water quality and deliver and manage complete sensor networks. We also build autonomous inspection systems for water pipeline networks.


innovation for safe and sufficient water.

Sufficient clean water and drinking water cannot be taken for granted. Drought, irrigation and industrial use reduce the supply. Pollution threatens population health and overdue maintenance causes wastage. Current insight into water quality is crucial for safeguarding water safety. This is why there is a global need for intelligent water management solutions. We develop innovative sensor systems for monitoring the drinking water supply and deliver complete sensor networks. Smart data analysis algorithms support the water management. We build robust autonomous systems for the inspection of extensive and difficult to access water pipeline networks.


EventLab drinking water monitoring

autonomous water line inspection robot.


"we provide water companies with current insight into the quality of water and pipelines."

Our water and drinking water supply solutions measure locally and analyze integrally. Sensor systems signal changes in water quality on a timely basis. Inspection systems can be introduced anywhere into a pipeline and can immediately detect a leakage, blockage or pollution. This makes a fast and effective response possible and contributes to water savings.

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