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Ownership is losing its value, usage is what counts; car sharing comes to mind here. This is why the machine building industry is shifting from sales to service delivery. Manufacturers want to lease machines or pay for their use on a per product basis. We offer comprehensive service solutions for this purpose using the most modern (digital) techniques.


from machine builder to service provider.

Investments in advanced machines are constantly increasing, while their economic service life is becoming increasingly unpredictable. This is why users want to pay for actual use. We develop concepts for this purpose together with leasing companies and financial institutions. Machine data is required for (digital) services, such as pay-per-use and predictive maintenance. We offer comprehensive solutions for this purpose, including sensors, connectivity and software.

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"we support new payment and management models."

As machine builder we no longer limit ourselves to developing, building and supplying smart machines. We can remain involved in the machine’s operation and maintenance throughout its entire service life. We use customized payment models and maintenance contracts for this purpose. This way we offer manufacturers the highest possible availability and productivity of their equipment.

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