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unmanned &
autonomous vessels.

The maritime sector’s goal is to perform monitoring, inspections, maintenance and repairs safely, reliably and in environmentally friendly ways. Small unmanned and autonomous vessels make it possible to perform activities remotely, cost efficiently and in automated and digitalized ways. For this purpose, we develop unmanned sailing platforms and autonomous navigation technology, with intelligent controls.


robust, modular and intelligent.

The demand for safety, automation and remote control for maritime operations is increasing. Tasks like monitoring waterways, surveying soil profiles and determining environmental quality come to mind here. Using a standardized system architecture we develop and build robust, compact sailing platforms for this purpose that comply with the demands of prominent users. In addition, we develop algorithms and software for the autonomous operation and real-time onboard sensor fusion and data processing. The modular platforms are suitable for diverse applications and environments.


DUS V2500 unmanned autonomous hydrographic vessel.


"we build safe and environmentally friendly platforms."

Our platforms are unmanned, which means that weather conditions and safety have a much lower impact on their deployability than manned systems. Our patented positioning technology enables the platforms to accurately maneuver in any direction or lie still. The electrical propulsion system operates without any liquids, is emission-free and low-noise. This is beneficial for the flora and fauna above and below water level.

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