26-02-2021 high-tech systems & materials

PMQT4 qualification tool.


To demonstrate that its lithography machines for chip manufacturing operate with the highest possible precision and speed, ASML uses qualification tools. We have been building and maintaining these extremely complex systems for more than twenty years. This way we support our client’s development and production activities.

diverse domains.

The PMQT4 is a fourth-generation Position Module Qualification Tool for a wafer positioning module of ASML’s NXT platform. Our qualification system has the same mechanical interface as the ASML machine. In addition, it is equipped with complex operating software for real-time control in several degrees of freedom. The tool tests and qualifies a large number of properties in diverse domains, ranging from connectivity (electric, pneumatic and water) to positioning precision and dynamic behavior.

we also have smart solutions for the ultimate test, the qualification of the qualification tool. ”

improving reliability, accelerating development.

Based on our mechatronics expertise we created a completely new design to improve the reliability of and accelerate ASML’s development process. For accurate positioning over a wide range, the module contains separate stages for long-stroke and short-stroke movements. We have designed the PMQT4 to make it possible to test these long-stroke and short-stroke stages separately. This shortens the development process. After all, designers of one stage no longer have to wait until a prototype for the other stage is available, but can start testing right away.


“we are a good match for ASML.”

We have been supplying ASML with qualification tools on a turnkey basis for more than twenty years. We speak the same language and are familiar with their way of working. Our competencies match what they need exactly, we understand how their machines work and are familiar with the hardware and operating systems. This way we know which interfaces are required for an optimal fit between our tool and their module.