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Here you will find information about social challenges, technological solutions and Demcon’s contribution. Acquaint yourself with the company and discover the story that underlies our technology. We are happy to provide you with all of the information you need for your article or program.

  • Ambitious plans for Demcon Campus in Enschede

    Technology developer and producer Demcon has presented an…

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  • Thumbnail-Qmicro-at-Demcon

    Demcon sells minority share in Qmicro

    Qmicro, which develops and produces gas analysis systems…

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  • Thumbnail-Flexiramics-at-Demcon

    New round for Flexiramics®, an innovative flexible ceramic fiber material

    A new flexible ceramic fiber material, invented by…

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  • Thumbnail-Johan-Sports-at-Demcon

    Demcon acquires JOHAN Sports

    Nowadays, data makes all the difference in sports,…

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  • Thumbnail-SmartQare-at-Demcon

    Demcon invests in SmartQare’s intelligent wearable and healthcare platform

    Many seniors would like to retain their autonomy…

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  • Thumbnail-Ligalli-at-Demcon

    Demcon invests in LiGalli’s vaginal MedRing

    Incontinence is an extremely annoying condition for which…

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