02-03-2021 smart industry

smart machine base.


Companies in the manufacturing industry require reliable innovative production systems and a short delivery time. That is why we have invested in standardization for the development of production solutions. We combine the application of industrial standard components and the modularization of common sub-systems with innovative customization.

rapid configuration.

We have developed a modular standard machine platform with basic building blocks, while provinding sufficient space for customer-specific solutions. The design of the Smart Machine Base (SMB) is in accordance with the S88 (ANSI/ISA-88) standard for structuring work processes. On a frame of 1,200 mm x 1,600 mm we add standard building blocks to create a wide range of functionality. Generally, these can be flexibly configured to create multiple variants or they can quickly be made to customer specifications. We use our BRIX software platform, which also has a modular architecture, to provide the mechatronics control.

we develop the best technical production solutions. ”

high-quality customization.

To create a specific application we build a complete machine using one or more (connected) SMBs. We integrate the necessary primary customer processes into this machine. If necessary, we add functional units, such as a closed-loop system, a manual work station, pick & place unit (robot arm) or a dispensing system. We also have the in-house expertise needed to develop new, highly complex production steps. By optimizing the entire process, we realize the best technical solution.


Erik Heijdens

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“our SMB provides flexibility and speed.”

Because our SMB has already been developed in the basics, we are able to visualize potential automation solutions in 3D CAD for the customer very quickly. Thanks to this powerful approach, we arrive at a good solution together with the customer in the concept phase. Next, with the use of the SMB we quickly complete customer projects, while at the same time delivering a proven high-quality result.