diversity & inclusion.

We stimulate a pleasant and safe working environment in which our employees feel appreciated and can be themselves. Diversity and inclusion often are tackled as a single theme within organizations. We also do this at Demcon. Yet each has a different meaning. Inclusion concerns the open, respectful culture you aim to create as an organization. A culture in which everyone can be themselves. Diversity concerns the aim of creating a diverse organization in terms of gender, age, origin, religious convictions and the like.

We believe it is important to discuss about diversity and inclusion and to create awareness. The areas of gender, education and ethnicity are our first focus points.

''unconscious incompetence.''

I consider it important for everyone to feel welcome, regardless of background, belief, sexual orientation and the like. You are one of us and we are all in it together. I have the feeling that Demcon would like to address this and understands its necessity. However, we are not yet very active in this area. We are still unconsciously incompetent and that offers many opportunities.


engaging in dialogue.

  • 18% women in technical positions
  • 22 nationalities
  • Education level breakdown:
    • 11% Doctorate
    • 48% university education
    • 29% university of applied sciences education
    • 10% senior secondary vocational education
    • 2% secondary education


our aims for 2023.

  • + 2 percentage point better balanced teams:

For example:

    • + 2 percentage point women in technical (and associated) positions
    • + 2 percentage point men in departments with a majority of women (management and support departments)
  • Doubling of colleagues with a distance from the labor market (from 3 to 6)

We intend to achieve these targets by initiating and implementing the following projects:

  • Startup internal network/core team and give it an active role
  • Specific actions by this network/core team:
      • Workshops/lectures/training/roundtable discussions (incl. lecture and workshop ‘Getting rid of mind bugs’ and lecture: Cultural awareness)
      • Mentor program relating to diversity and inclusion (social buddy program)
      • Setting the tone for recruitment
      • Library at various locations

“it’s all about understanding and respecting each other.”


understanding each other.

Socially safe working environment

At Demcon we consider it important that our working environment is perceived as safe by our employees. This is an environment in which colleagues interact with each other with respect, are able to be themselves, are allowed to make mistakes and are able to optimally contribute their workmanship. We do not accept transgressive behavior, regardless of form or who displays it. Recently, this topic has been a frequently occurring news item. Demcon too has given this subject careful attention. We sent out a questionnaire internally and the topic is discussed in departmental meetings. To ensure inappropriate behavior does not have a chance to manifest itself we have developed an ‘inappropriate forms of behavior’ action plan and have made information about confidential advisors more clearly visible internally. In addition, we are starting up workshops and lectures relating to giving and receiving feedback.

Being open to discussion

In 2022 we started up a network consisting of colleagues who consider diversity & inclusion important and would like to open it up for discussion. This network is producing a number of very specific actions. For example, we are going to start up a pilot involving some workshops and lectures. Of course we will be checking to see if there is any interest in these types of activity. In addition, an idea has been put forward to start up roundtable discussions at various locations and to set up a small library at each location with relevant books in this area. We would like to start up a discussion on this topic. After all, it is important that holding each other to account for certain things is accepted.

Lactation and silence room

A lactation room is available at various Demcon locations. Starting last year this room can also be reserved by colleagues as a silence room to pray. This way we offer employees the possibility of praying at work in a closed off and quiet space at work.

Equal employment opportunities

On our working-at-Demcon website we devote attention to diversity and inclusion. We explicitly mention that we attach value to having an enjoyable workplace where you feel welcome and appreciated and where you can be yourself. And that we offer everyone equal employment, development and work opportunities. We will be devoting more attention to this in our other recruitment activities. We offer young people the opportunity of becoming familiar with engineering and technology. We endeavor to look beyond the piece of paper someone may have earned to see their real potential.