We aim for a safe and pleasant workplace for all of our employees, with room for taking their own initiative. In this respect we focus on things like vitality, or encouraging employees to be and stay fit and enjoy coming to work with pleasure.


making vitality visible and being open to discussion about vitality.

  • 47% of colleagues come to work by bicycle
    (of the total number of colleagues coming in to work)
  • colleagues participate in 8 sporting events (excl. Staff Association (PV) events)
  • 65,670 free pieces of fruit


our aims for 2023.

  • > 50% of colleagues take their bicycle (commuting)
  • Participation in 10 sporting events

We intend to achieve these targets by initiating and implementing the following projects:

  • Scheduling Periodic Occupational Health Examinations (PAGO)
  • Workshop ’With self-leadership toward greater vitality’ for managers and employees (via Demcon Academy)
  • Setting up an annual vitality calendar
  • ‘Boost your Vitality’ week and workshop ‘start jogging’
  • Continue ‘Fruit at work’ and healthy menu in company restaurant
  • Implement sustainable mobility policy (further encourage cycling)

“vitality goes beyond exercise and healthy eating habits.”


working on vitality together.

Demcon vitality menu

Demcon would like to help employees feel good and aims to give them an enjoyable workplace. We therefore provide various vitality-related opportunities. We have listed these opportunities in the form of a vitality menu. Employees and managers can use this menu in their discussions. We are asking managers to draw attention to vitality in conversations with employees. We thereby call on employees to especially identify their interests and to take the initiative.

Boost your vitality!

Under the header ‘Boost your vitality’, Demcon is devoting the necessary attention to vitality. An annual calendar has been prepared with various vitality-related activities; ranging from workshops, online yoga sessions to workplace analyses and healthy food options in the company restaurant. We are also asking employees to contribute vitality-related ideas and suggestions. This will no doubt allow us to further expand the opportunities in the area of vitality over time.

Sportive Demcon teams

From our various Demcon locations we participate in various sporting events with a single Demcon team. For example we are present at the Enschede Marathon, Eindhoven Marathon, Batavieren Race, Tartaros Campus Challenge, Singelloop Enschede and the FBK Double Mile Run. In addition, there is a Demcon winter sport, a Demcon sailing weekend and various sporting events organized by employees themselves and in which employees participate. For example, skating together, cycling, jogging, as well as the Alpe d’HuZes, in which two Demcon teams participate.

Wearing the Demcon outfit

To encourage our sportive colleagues, we like to extend them a helping hand with an attractive discount on the required sports clothing. Demcon has put together a product range for women, as well as men for cycling clothing, jogging/sports clothing, reflective clothing and the associated accessories.

Bike your way!

Demcon encourages cycling to work. We provide a bicycle plan for this purpose whereby, once every three years, employees can purchase a bicycle for a maximum amount of €1,000. We also provide a moving allowance if employees, as a result of their move, reduce their home-work distance by 60% or more. In the context of our sustainable mobility policy we are reviewing various options for expanding the bicycle regulations, a guiding parking policy, and improving bicycle parking facilities.

Fruit at work

In addition to healthy food options in our company restaurants, we offer fresh fruit in various departments at our locations in Enschede, Best, Delft, Groningen and Maastricht. This way we offer a responsible snack that is good for the health and vitality of our employees. The fruit is delivered twice a week, it is seasonal and is suitable for direct consumption.