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Manufacturing companies are constantly confronted with new challenges. Their machines must work even faster and more efficiently, while quality and processing criteria are becoming increasingly strict and tolerances more precise. We have experience with the development of complex processes and broad knowledge of physics, optics and industrial techniques. This way we develop advanced solutions for divergent production problems.


high quality mechatronics, in-depth process knowledge.

Machine building revolves around mechatronics and process knowledge: mechatronics as a basic requirement and process knowledge to make the difference. Advanced production demands control over complex processes and interaction between materials and components. As mechatronic specialist we also have a great deal of knowledge of innovative production technology. For example, micro processing such as machining and 3D printing, micro assembly, (activated) bonding, (ultrasonic) welding and cutting. During inspections we use vision and other measurement techniques. We work with big data and artificial intelligence to achieve optimal process control and for monitoring quality.

Polaroid retrofit module

"we develop advanced production processes."

We grew through our strengths in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering. However, today’s complex challenges require broader expertise and process knowledge. Nowadays, we also have this knowledge and expertise in-house. We use it to develop and realize comprehensive solutions for advanced production processes.

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