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Digitalization is one of the foundations of Smart Industry; it ensures that machine and process data are available at all times. This makes it possible to organize production more transparently, predictably and efficiently with higher quality and yield as a result. We have the digital expertise and tools required for designing and operating smart factories.


the connection between production processes and business.

Industrial manufacturers use digitalization for the efficient management of production and for better communication between factory and business. We digitize machines and processes with the use of the right hardware and software. This way we guarantee connectivity with all of the control layers. In the design phase we create 3D animations to provide insight into production concepts and to optimize the factory’s design. We develop digital twins for simulating, visualizing, analyzing, predicting and monitoring system behavior and production output. This way we offer comprehensive solutions for the digitalization of factories.

Smart factory


"we make factories smarter."

There is still a lot to be gained in the control of production processes. Digitalization helps in this respect with better communication and smarter decision making. We have the knowledge and tools required for this purpose in-house and establish the necessary connections – literally and figuratively. Where necessary we use big data and artificial intelligence to make factories smarter and even self-learning.

smart industry

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