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Batches are becoming smaller and product variations are increasing in various industries as we move towards mass customization. Manufacturers are increasingly working on an order-driven basis and want to be able to quickly and automatically convert their production lines. We develop modular, flexible solutions for production automation, robotization and digitalization. This way we facilitate small-scale, high-quality production at mass manufacturing costs.


platform for flexibility.

Increasingly more manufacturers opt for product and process flexibility. They want to be able to quickly switch over to a different product or reorganize the production process. This is possible, for example, by adjusting the automation, converting the tools or reorganizing the logistics flows. We develop clever tools for this and have a great deal of experience with flexible industrialization. We have developed a modular production platform for this purpose to which we can connect divergent production steps and logistics processes. This way we can offer comprehensive solutions for flexible production.


Smart Machine Base

"we help to rapidly switch gears in production."

Industrial manufacturers want to respond to changes in their market without losing a lot of time and money converting their production lines. We offer solutions that make it possible to quickly switch between products and make flexible use of employees, machines and robots and/or cobots. Our modular platform is an excellent starting point for delivering customized solutions at standard prices.

smart industry

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