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home treatment & wearables.

People will be managing their own health, with increased emphasis on prevention and autonomy for the client/patient. We develop solutions for self-monitoring and at-home treatment. By combining these functions in intelligent products, we contribute to comprehensive, closed-loop care outside the clinic.


healthy autonomy.

The focus on prevention and the need for self-responsibility over one’s health is being translated into medical technology for use at home and while traveling. This applies to chronic, long-term illness, as well as general physical condition. We have knowledge of the technological possibilities for at-home treatment and self-monitoring. This includes miniaturization, wireless communication and smart algorithms. We combine these with our broad expertise in medical device development. This way we are able to produce wearable and minimally invasive products that can take over these vital functions. In addition, we support industrialization and the upscaling of production.


Finapres NANO CORE module for blood pressure monitoring

“we give people control over their own health.”

We are close to the user of medical home technology and devote a great deal of attention to intuitive and error-free operation. Furthermore, we develop instruction animations that provide insight into the operation of this technology and thus create confidence. With our experience in continuous measurement and the control of vital functions we link monitoring and treatment. This way we put people really in control.

life sciences & health

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