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Moore’s law continues to dictate the pace of the semiconductor industry. We develop mechatronics solutions that meet challenging specifications. We serve the front-end and the back-end with modules, systems and qualification tools. We use optics, advanced simulations and data analysis to further optimize semiconductor processes.


smart mechatronics ranging from lithography to packaging.

Everything has to become smaller, faster and more accurate. In the semiconductor industry this applies to the front-end, as well as the back-end. On the basis of our broad mechatronics expertise, we develop advanced solutions for this purpose that also meet cost specifications. We deliver modules, systems and qualification tools to major OEMs and system suppliers throughout the world. Classical mechatronics no longer is sufficient to continue to be able to follow Moore’s Law. This is why we are deploying additional technologies, such as optics and simulations. Data analysis helps us realize better products and services even faster.


PMQT4 qualification tool


short-stroke wafer stage


"we achieve the highest possible quality with maximum cost control."

The semiconductor industry is part of our DNA. At the front-end we use all of our mechatronics competencies in order to comply with the extreme specifications. We combine that experience with our industrialization expertise to build efficient systems for the back-end. In every instance, for the front-end and for the back-end, with the highest quality and maximum cost control.

high-tech systems & materials

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