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  • Thumbnail-Case-Muntsorteerder-Demcon

    coin sorting machine.

    The Royal Dutch Mint was faced with an…

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  • Thumbnail-Case-Cryogene-Microkoeler-Demcon

    cryogenic micro cooler.

    Cooling samples and devices to extremely low temperatures…

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  • PMQT4 qualification tool.

    To demonstrate that its lithography machines for chip…

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  • Thumbnail-Breaam-at-Demcon

    BREEAM Outstanding certification.

    The Demcon Technology Center (DTC) in Enschede has…

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  • Thumbnail-Orchard-Of-The-Future-at-Demcon

    Orchard of the Future.

    In the coming years, at Demcon, we will…

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  • Thumbnail-TNO-at-Demcon-3

    TNO & Demcon to provide enabling technology for the world’s largest telescope.

    The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is creating the…

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