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additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) offers manufacturers unprecedented design freedom. This creativity must be translated into consistent print quality. We possess the knowledge of materials and the optomechatronics engineering expertise required to ensure optimal process control and the highest possible accuracy. We use this to develop various 3D print solutions for all sorts of materials.


knowledge of materials and optomechatronics.

Compared to conventional production techniques, 3D printing offers various benefits, such as maximum design freedom, short lead times and minimal material use. The print process must subsequently deliver products with the desired functionality, surface finishing and accuracy. We lay the foundation by developing high-quality 3D print technology for a wide range of materials and applications. We use a wide variety of disciplines such as materials science, mechatronics, thermodynamics, optical and inkjet technology for this purpose. With our experience of mechanical engineering and industrialization we take the step from laboratory setup to production printer. We have also mastered related technologies, such as metal injection molding.


3D glass printer


"we develop customer-specific 3D print technology."

As technology developer we release our inventiveness on the 3D printing of various materials and structures for customer-specific applications. Even more so when they are difficult to print, for example due to high melting temperatures, such as metals and glass exhibit. We are able to compensate thermal effects, such as shrinkage, and know how to preserve the favorable properties of bulk materials.

high-tech systems & materials

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