Market segments

autonomous technologies.

Autonomous technologies can help defense organizations increase the effectiveness and safety of operations and people. This includes smart robots, mobile sensor systems and unmanned logistics or exploration vehicles. These must process knowledge of their surroundings intelligently in order to be able to function independently. We develop innovations and produce functioning systems for this purpose.


proven building blocks for intelligent autonomy.

The vehicles used by the department of defense increasingly consist of platforms with a long service life that keep up with the times by integrating current innovations. Many of these innovations originate from technologies that contribute to autonomous platform operation. We develop solutions for this purpose based on a number of proven building blocks. Examples include localization, external awareness, navigation, sensor fusion, data processing and analysis, and intelligent, self-learning systems. These solutions can then be integrated into larger systems or subsystems, or complete platforms.


Robots and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Project

“we supply full-service solutions to systems integrators.”

We understand unmanned systems that must operate autonomously under challenging conditions. We support system developers and integrators as technology partner. Our task is not so much to supply reports and carry out simulations, but rather to develop and build physical products that support autonomous operation. If desired, we can also manage and maintain these products.

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