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Inspection plays an increasingly larger role in monitoring the quality of production. We develop efficient and reliable inspection solutions for challenging product qualification. We do this by using our comprehensive expertise in vision, metrology and optical metrology, artificial intelligence and industrialization. This way we develop systems from laboratory setups to robust inspection systems.


robust product qualification, reliable outcome.

The bar is set increasingly higher for the quality of all kinds of products. We develop advanced inspection solutions for complex products. In addition, we build efficient inspection systems that are frequently vision-based, for high-volume production. A quick and reliable assessment is produced for every item: approved or rejected. This equally applies to microscopic details or more difficult to define properties. We support the image analysis with artificial intelligence and are able to train the inspection algorithm with synthetic data (simulated products). This way we realize highly reliable industrial inspection systems.


Coin sorting machine

In Ovo egg sampler

"we make inspection highly reliable."

When only the highest quality is acceptable, random checks afterwards are not sufficient. Our inspection systems can work real-time in production. This way manufacturers can deliver qualified output efficiently, by separating out all faulty products. They can increase their yield having a closed-loop system integrated in their production line.

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