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High-tech systems must deliver complex functionality and therefore must meet strict requirements. To demonstrate they do so, OEMs qualify their systems/subsystems with the help of qualification tooling that in turn is subject to even stricter specifications. We draw on our broad mechatronics expertise and experience for designing and building qualification equipment.


strict specifications, smart checks.

Once a high-tech system has been manufactured, it has to be qualified. It must be demonstrated that its modules/sub-modules and the complete system work as specified and comply with all strict requirements. We apply all of our mechatronics competencies for building complex qualification equipment. We possess in-depth knowledge of the systems to be qualified, their interfaces and the complex operating system software. In addition, we develop production tools that execute these qualification processes and consequently are able to replace certified operators, for example.


PMQT4 qualification tool


"we are qualified for complex systems."

For more than twenty years we have been building reliable, user-friendly, qualification tools that check hundreds of functions and parameters. They are even ‘better’ than the modules and systems they are designed to qualify. We carry out projects on a turnkey basis. Because tools must have minimum downtime, we take care of the maintenance and offer associated services.

high-tech systems & materials

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