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thin-film technology.

Researchers are achieving spectacular results in the laboratory with thin-film technology for innovative material applications. We help them optimize their processes and scale up from the laboratory to industrial production. In addition, we develop solutions for companies working on improving the handling of thin-film products.


process optimization and industrialization.

Thin-film technology creates innovative, material-efficient applications ranging from thin solar cells and membrane materials to flexible displays and electronics. Additional specialisms are required to be able to produce market-ready thin-film products. We provide support with material knowledge, process optimization and industrialization. For example, we have mastered deposition techniques (ALD, PLD) for manufacturing thin films and processes such as lacquering, welding, laminating and cutting for processing thin-film products. Furthermore, we develop handling and quality inspection solutions. We also assist companies in adapting their production processes to new developments.

Polaroid retrofit module

vacuum transfer line

Pulsed Laser Deposition


"we bring thin film from the laboratory to pilot and beyond."

The thin-film technology world is still pervaded by a pioneering mentality. That suits us perfectly well. We understand the language of material experts and process technologists and recognize the challenges with which they are struggling. We are able to help them with our robust industrialization experience. In our firm all expertise comes together for the purpose of scaling up thin-film products from the laboratory to pilot plant and beyond.

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