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(ultra-high) vacuum.

Many high-tech systems use (ultra-high) vacuum to enable sensitive processes to run optimally, for example without disturbance due to contamination. However, a vacuum entails special challenges, such as outgassing, bearings, sealing, cooling and clean working. Building onto our semiconductor experience, we develop (ultra-high) vacuum solutions for all kinds of applications.


fewer disturbances, increased yield.

Systems for lithography (EUV), electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), advanced cooling and other high-tech applications often work with (ultra-high) vacuum. This is because when there is only a partial vacuum or no vacuum, particle/light beams lose their intensity or there is an undesirable heat load. We apply our broad expertise for developing systems with (ultra-high) vacuum. For example, we design effective seals and feed-throughs. We also have knowledge of outgassing and the correct application of vacuum-compatible materials. We have cleanroom facilities that enable us to do clean work.


short-stroke wafer stage

vacuum transfer line

Pulsed Laser Deposition


"we invest all of our energy in creating vacuum."

We have broad experience with (ultra-high) vacuum. Our specialisms are cooling (when there is no heat conductivity or heat flow) and lubrication (when air bearings are not permitted). We develop solutions designed to extract heat from the system and are knowledgeable about suitable lubricants. If necessary, we provide for a separation between the ‘contaminated’ and ‘clean’ vacuum.

high-tech systems & materials

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