The energy transition calls for advanced energy systems that combine sustainability and effectiveness, at a local or regional level where possible. On the basis of our broad experience with thinking in terms of systems, we consider complete energy systems, from generation and storage to conversion and consumption. In this way, we develop efficient solutions that can cover the entire energy chain.

decentralized solutions for the energy transition.

An important trend in the energy transition is decentralization of energy generation and storage. For example, cooperatives are appearing at the local and regional levels, in which generators and consumers want to jointly make smart use of energy surpluses. We respond to this by developing decentralized solutions for efficient and sustainable energy systems. These include, for example, electrolyzers for the production of hydrogen from (green) power or innovations in battery technology for improving storage capacity. We apply our broad mechatronics experience and multi-physics knowledge for this purpose.

“We make the difference with our high-tech knowledge.”

We can develop innovations and market them successfully, as a contribution to the energy transition. We do this by combining system-based thinking with our high-tech knowledge to thoroughly analyze energy processes. Thanks to our curiosity and perseverance, we do not stop until we understand completely what is happening. We do not aim for fast profits here, because our founders and shareholders aim to create social impact with technological solutions.


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