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  • Thumbnail-Case-Scinus-Demcon-2

    advanced microcarrier for cultivation of iPSC’s.

    Stem cells are promising for developing cell therapies,…

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  • Thumbnail-Case-RAS-Demcon

    Robots and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Project.

    Robots and autonomous systems can help carry out…

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  • Thumbnail-Case-FSM-Demcon

    fine steering mirror.

    Precision laser beam steering determines the quality and…

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  • Thumbnail-Case-V2500-Demcon

    DUS V2500 unmanned autonomous hydrographic vessel.

    The dredging industry is looking for more sustainable…

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  • Thumbnail-Flexible-Manufacturing-Demcon

    smart machine base.

    Companies in the manufacturing industry require reliable innovative…

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  • Thumbnail-Case-EventLab-Demcon

    EventLab drinking water monitoring.

    Water safety is one of the greatest global…

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